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Our Mission

Is to provide excellent services to our clients to increase their productive revenue goals. Our desire to be the leading IT and hosting company in Namibia and in Africa. and abroad with our programs and service solutions. Furthermore, to host all Namibia's websites and data, herewith create a technology valley in Namibia, state of the art Technology Engineering for all Namibia

Our Story

AMC.Enterprises was founded in the year 2022 and is based currently in Swakopmund, Namibia.

It was created with the value to impact all Namibians regardless of their background. It's not only about Technology but it's what we believe in how we can utilize technology for the benefit and growth of our country. To connect, serve and protect our God-given freedom and not to exploit a narrative but to engage and touch all people not only Namibians. WORLDWIDE.

Therefore join us in our journey, THIS IS ONLY THE START

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AMC.Enterprises have background knowledge in Mechatronic Engineering where predominantly focusing in programming, such as SQL, CCS, HTML, JAVASCRPT, PLC and design programs such as CAD, SOLIDWORKS, ADOBE and much more.


As our slogan presents us, "Engineering Technology is our passion" we have vast experience in Engineering solution, therefore, our horizon is vast and wide for additional branches. Keep an eye on our new branches that will be launching soon. 

At this time all our effort is on and AMC.webdesigns. Bring the best service solution and programs for our clients

Experienced Leadership

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