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AMC Support & Web Developing

  • AMC Hosting

    Every month
    AMC Cloud Hosting Single Domain N$300 per month or N$3600 per year
    • 5GB Web Space
    • 100 Secure Email Accounts
    • Website Builder INCLUDED
  • Best Value

    AMC Remote Support

    Per Hour
    • N$250.00 (After the first hour)
  • AMC On-Site Support

    Per Hour
    • N$250.00 (After the first hour)
  • Supreme Package

    Every year
    Small Website developing and hosting, (12 Months)
    • Thereafter,
    • N$5000 Yearly
    • For management and hosting fees
  • Premium Package

    Every year
    Medium Website developing and hosting, (12 Months)
    • Thereafter,
    • N$ 7500 Yearly
    • For management and hosting fees
  • Executive Package

    Every year
    Large Website developing and hosting (12 Months)
    • Thereafter,
    • N$12500 Yearly
    • For management and hosting fees

Contact us for payment of our pricing plans, subject to quoatations and invioice. Terms and conditions apply AMC ®

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SSL Certificates

We all love trying to work out acronyms but SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer (easy right?). SSL is the standard security technology used worldwide to create an encrypted link between a server and a browser. Websites that use SSL certificates create trust and respect from visitors, as the encryption technology guarantees strict security checks to protect private information. As a website owner, you'll be safe in the knowledge that the secure connection will benefit both you and your visitors. Any information entered into your site will be safe from prying eyes. Having an SSL certificate shows your visitors you take security seriously and that you have a trustworthy online presence. This will subsequently lead to increased sales. Buying any of our SSL certificates will enable the https:// protocol for your website. This will also activate the recognised padlock displayed in browsers to indicate website security.

FREE SSL Certificates can be installed from the cPanel interface to help protect visitor data and build trust in your business or brand. SSL Encryption is for these is provided by Let's Encrypt & Comodo and is available on all accounts except for Tier 1

The Extended Verification SSL certificate will enable the premium green bar domain verification. Visitors can then click anywhere in the secure green area of the address bar for further details about your website, this in turn provides additional reassurance and confirms your encryption is legitimate.

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Simple SSL

For encrypting data between user and server, great for online stores

from N$250 per year

  • Secure browsing via https://

  • Browser padlock

  • up to 256-bit SSL encryption

  • No warranty included


Standard SSL

World class encryption
Clickable Site Seal

from N$5000 per year

  • Secure browsing via https://

  • Browser padlock

  • 256-bit SSL encryption

  • N$200.000 warranty included


Extended SSL

Extended business validation with company name and date stamp

from N$7500 per year

  • Secure browsing via https://

  • Browser padlock

  • 256-bit SSL encryption

  • N$ 5 million warranty included

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Security Products

Web sites are a security risk, that's a fact. Why would anyone want to hack your website? Well, websites are compromised all the time, we see it on a regular basis. The majority of website security breaches are not to steal secret information or to deface your website for kudos but are instead attempts to use your server as an email relay for spamming, or to set up a temporary web server to serve files of an illegal nature. If you've had a lot of spam, it's probably because someone website was hacked, and the hacking script is using your web server to email thousands of people. Generally, hacking isn't some guy sitting at his computer (it can be) but is usually a script specifically written to regularly perform automated scans of the entire Internet to exploit known website security issues.

Enhance your website and data security with our comprehensive daily scanning services and globally recognized SSL certificates. Whatever size or type of website you run, our advanced business and security facilities help protect your site and visitors, save you time, and ensure your reputation remains intact.

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Virus Scanner

Virus scanning will check your website and alert you to threats and security issues so you can take action to protect your visitors and reputation. Scanning includes:

N$450 per year

  • Scans of home directory

  • Scans of public directory

  • Scans of emails accounts

  • Scans of FTP Space

Virus Scanners

Cloud Defender

Protect your website and your visitors from malicious code injections, attacks and infections. You can switch this on and off in your cPanel

N$450 per year

  • Real-time security monitoring

  • Continuous security assessment

  • Web application hardening

  • Virtual patching

Virus Scanners

Spam Experts

Stop spam in it's tracks with Spam Experts. Switch it on or off in your cPanel, uses reverse DNS, Real-Time Blacklists (RBL) and other tools to stop spam at the mail server.


N$450 per year

  • Safeguard emails

  • Add senders to whitelist

  • Configurable Options

  • Trust Your Inbox

Virus Scanners
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